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Cinephiles Welcome!

I have loved movies for as long as I can remember.  Thankfully, my parent's bought a movie theater when I was 9 and I really got the chance to view and develop a healthy obsession with celluloid. 

Since we've all been sentenced to our homes for the time being...the gallery below is a selection of movies I enjoyed that are all availbe to stream at home from various sites.  I will also include where you can find the movies online.  When the Palace re-opens we can discuss them all together over a big bag of popcorn!  

It's showtime!

JoEllen Weathers

Head Cinephile at the Palace Theater


Jamie Lee Curtis breaks down her career...

Check out this great video

Pixar short film

Check out this great video


Here is an interesting clip on how foley artists add sound effects to films.

Real life astronaut reviews space films

Check out this great video